Getting to Pulau Lang Tengah


Lang Tengah Island is just about 40 kilometer off the coast of Kuala Terengganu. As it is an island, the ideal way to get here is by boat. You will have to hop off from the town of Tanjung Merang which will take slightly less than an hour from the state’s capital.

Lang Tengah By Boat

This is the only way to get to Pulau Lang Tengah. There are a few modes of transport through the seas where the best and most convenient way is through the resorts. The few resorts in Lang Tengah Island usually provide boat transfers to the island from hop-on point in Tanjung Merang. Hence, you are advised to take the packages provided by the resorts which come with the transfer that will take you directly to their doorsteps.

Chartered Boats – There are boats for charter that come in through Perhentian and Redang islands respectively. In fact, Redang Island has its own airport which means you can arrange for a transfer from there if you are flying directly in. Chartering a boat however, can be quite costly as it would be about RM300 and above.

Speedboats – Most of the speedboats are pre-arranged with a fixed schedule. You can find these operators around Tanjung Merang which will cost about RM95 for a return trip with 2 trips daily. The duration is about 45 minutes where you will surely enjoy the strong wind blowing towards you and the beautiful seascape spreading out to the horizon.

Getting Around in Pulau Lang Tengah

There are no roads in Lang Tengah Island which means driving around would be quite impossible. To get from one point to another, the only possible mode of transfer is by boat or kayaks. Otherwise, you will pretty much be going around on foot or via the vehicles provided by the resorts that you are staying in. Besides that, you can choose to visit other nearby islands through special pre-arranged boat rides as well.