Holiday Tips


Best time to visit

Lang Tengah Island enjoys a year-long of tropical weather, much like the rest of the country. As such, the best time to come here would be from March to October while the other months are not very suitable as the island will be open to the monsoon season that brings rain and rough seas. The average temperature here is about 26 degrees Celsius. School holidays and public holidays are the super-peak seasons where you might find more people than usual.

Language and Culture

The official language here is Bahasa Malaysia while English Language is very much used and understood. Islam is the official religion in Malaysia which means you should be aware not to offend the locals here. Be mindful of your manners and general etiquette and try not to wear clothes that are too revealing.


The currency here is Malaysian Ringgit. The resorts here accept major credit cards and traveler’s cheques (although they are not so popular today). Money changers are available but do not count on them for a good rate. The best practice is to change your currency before coming to Lang Tengah Island.


Generally, Lang Tengah Island is very clean. Tap water is safe to drink but it would be better to boil them first or you can buy bottled drinking water in most stores.

Electricity and telecommunications

The voltage used here is 240V, 50 cycle system as per the UK specifications. Most resorts provide converters if you come from a country that use an alternative voltage. You can easily find pre-paid telecommunication cards as mobile services are quite easily accessible.